In an online world that changes constantly, Media J knows just what it takes to make it. Having been in business since 2005, what we have become started humbly, with roots solely in lead generation. By using Search Engine Optimization, Media J thrived at matching people with their needs and bridging the connection between the consumer and the specific service they were looking for. This offered a winning situation all around, as consumers readily found what they needed, and we worked to provide well qualified leads to companies in a variety of industries.

Since the early days, Media J has spread it’s area of expertise to something far more encompassing. Today, we do it all:

•    E-Commerce marketing and sales
•    Dropship marketing
•    PPC marketing
•    Social Media promotion
•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Professional Website Redesign
•    Results Based SEO/SEM

For years, our concentration had been on marketing websites to perform well and offer users and merchants exactly what they are looking for.